Q?I want my new Metal Monsters’ permanent roof to be as energy efficient as possible, do I have to have a white roof?

A.Absolutely not! Because Metal Monsters’ permanent roofs are highly reflective, significantly increase your home’s energy efficiency regardless of color.In addition, most Metal Monsters products can be installed onto a board and batten system with Prodex Reflective insulation which will create a highly ventilated space between the roof and deck, which is highly efficient in both hot and cold climates.

Q?I’m concerned that a metal roof won’t match my home and the roofing style in my neighborhood.

A.Metal Monsters’ permanent roofs come in many styles and appearances, such as asphalt shingle, cedar shake, Spanish and Mediterranean Tile as well as traditional metal roof styles.

Q?Would a metal roof be too heavy for certain types of homes?

A.You may be surprised to learn that a metal roof is, on average, 50% lighter than an asphalt shingle roof, and 75% lighter than concrete tile, fiber cement shakes and slate. With metal roofing, weight on a structure is never an issue.

Q?Is lightening attracted to a metal roof? 

A.There is absolutely no increase in the likelihood of your hoe being struck by lightning if you have a metal roof. In fact, if lightning does strike your Metal Monsters’ permanent roof, the energy safely dissipates throughout the entire roof surface, and can exit into the ground. Also, because metal roofing is NOT combustible or flammable, it is an even smarter choice for roof coverings in lightning prone areas.

Q?Will a Metal Monsters permanent roof be noisy?

A.Absolutely not! Metal Monsters’ roof system are often much quieter than even asphalt shingle roofs. Many of our installations create a sound and temperature “buffer zone” which leads to a quieter roof.

Q?Will a Metal Monsters’ roof help my ice damming problems?

A.With a Metal Monsters permanent roof system, ice damming is virtually eliminated because of the air layer between the metal roof panels and the roof deck. This highly insulating characteristic, along with the heat from your home being reflected back into your house, the snow on your roof melts at a much more natural rate, reducing the possibility of water freezing at the edges of your roof.

Q?How will a Metal Monsters’ permanent roof stand up to extreme weather?

A.A Metal Monsters’ permanent roof can withstand decades of abuse from extreme weather like high winds, heavy snow, large hail and even wildfires. In fact, our Gerard stone-coated steel roof systems are designed and built to withstand the harshest of elements for a minimum of 50 years – GUARANTEED!- 2.5” hail stone warranty.
- 120 mph wind warranty.
- Class A fire rating.

Q?Does a metal roof cost more than a traditional asphalt roof?

A.Though the initial cost of a Metal Monsters’ permanent roof system may cost roughly two to three times what an asphalt shingle roof costs, consider the average homeowner replaces and repairs their roof every ten to twelve yearsBy choosing a Metal Monsters’ permanent roof the first time, you will not only save a lot of money in future repair/replacement costs, reduced insurance premiums and reduction in utility bills, but you will also enjoy a higher property resale value – much higher, as your roof replacement cost is usually one of the biggest negotiating points of a home sale.