Permanent Roofing and Gutter Systems

Metal Monsters specializes in residential permanent roof & gutter systems. Our partnership with KD Seamless Gutters allows us to provide you with the expertise, of both the product and installation, to provide you with the best roofing and gutter system for your home.

What We Will Do:

  •  Install the last roof your home will ever need!

  •  Educate you on the different types of metal roofing available to you as well as the different types of installations for those products.

  •  Be up front and honest with you regarding potential difficulties or problems as they arise.

  •  Stand behind the installation of EVERY roof which we install for as long as you own your home.

  •  Treat you with honesty and integrity.

  •  Take our time to make sure you truly understand everything we discuss and are 100% certain about the product and color of the roof to be installed on your home.

  •  Keep up to date with the latest technologies, products and techniques so you can rest assured you are receiving correct and the most up to date information.

What we will NOT do:

  • Lower our standards of installation or quality of products simply to lower the price and sell a roof.

  •  Sell you products which we would not install on our own homes or the homes of our friends and family.

  •  High pressure sales. Our work and past customers simply speak for themselves.

  •  Hurry any part of the process. We have worked with families for several years prior to their projects moving forward.

  •  Give you a partial effort.


  1. Making cheaper shingle.

  2. Premature failure of fiberglass shingles.

  3. Failures become common knowledge.

  4. Contractor disclaimer form.

  5. "Limited" warranties.

  6. Warranties become "marketing tools".

  7. Lifespan of conventional shingles.